Chloe 'Plum' Hocking

Hello my name is Chloe 'Plum' I am 15 years old and currently completing my GCSE’s.

My interests are in hair, beauty, dance and art.

I really enjoy doing my makeup and hair and trying out different styles (which is why I enjoy my job). I also have a passion for dance and I am working towards my grade 6 and 7 in modern, lyrical and acro.I also do ballet and pointe.

I love to dance because it is a creative way to express my emotions, I like to challenge myself within my dance skills.

I really enjoy anything creative and I love learning new creative skills. I often spend hours trying out new hair styles or make-up looks for different types of occasions.

I will be working Saturdays here and I am looking forward to meeting you all and learning more about the hair industry

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